Department Spotlight: Pharmacy


Pharmacy staff pictured left to right: Lori LaCombe, R. Ph., Brittany Fabre, CPhT, and Lana Prejean, R. Ph.


The Pharmacy Department at Pointe Coupee General Hospital has a critical role in patient care and outcomes.

The main focus of the Pharmacy Department is the procurement, dispensing, monitoring and tracking of medications. We supply medications to inpatients, outpatients, emergency room and same day surgery patients. To make sure this process runs smoothly, we have a full-time staff that consists of the Director of Pharmacy, Lori LaCombe, and Certified Pharmacy Technician, Brittany Fabre, as needed pharmacist, Lana Prejean and Greg Guichet help ensure the Pharmacy Department has a pharmacist available 24 hours a day if needed.

One main role of the pharmacist is to make sure each inpatient medication profile is monitored daily for drug, food or allergy interactions, as well as duplicate therapies. Each patient's kidney and liver function is calculated daily to ensure the patient is receiving the proper dose and frequency of all medications.


Lori LaCombe, R.Ph., Director of Pharmacy, prepares medication in the Laminar Air Flow Hood, (LAFH), located in our IV clean room that meets the new USP 797 regulations.


Our Pharmacy Department has recently undergone changes to ensure the safety and well-being of our patients:

  • The IV clean room was completely renovated to meet federal USP 797 guidelines and prevent

    contamination of IV medications during the mixing process.

  • New, state of the art, automated dispensing machines that are located at each nursing unit were purchased. These machines reduce the risk of medication errors.

  • Barcode scanning was instituted to prevent medication errors

  • The use of multi-dose containers was eliminated and a system to unit dose all medications to prevent dosage errors was introduced.

The Pharmacy Department at PCGH has worked very hard and will continue to do so to keep up with the constantly changing industry regulations. Our goal is to ensure the needs of our patients are met and the highest level of care is rendered to our patients.