Health Service District Sales and use Tax Renewal


The Pointe Coupee Parish Health Services District № 1 is proposing the renewal of the 10-year, ¼ of 1% sales and use tax. The proposition will be on the ballot on Tuesday, November 8th. The 10-year sales tax was first passed in 1987. The voters of Pointe Coupee again passed the 10-year ¼ of 1% tax in 1997 and again in 2007.

The sale tax revenues are used to fund the following annual expenditures:


2016 Funding via Tax Revenues

  • Pointe Coupee Council on Aging $295,000

  • Pointe Coupee Hospice $150,000

  • Pointe Coupee Home Health $250,000

  • Pointe Coupee Coroner $168,000

  • Pointe Coupee Parish Health Unit and Sanitation Services $120,000

  • Substance Abuse Treatment Center $170,000

  • Pointe Coupee 911 Services $120,000

  • Innis/Livonia Community Health Center Operations $48,000

  • Pointe Coupee Nutritional Education Services $19,000

  • Adolescent Psychiatric Services $72,000


Any questions concerning the uses of the 10-year, ¼ of 1% sales tax renewal may be directed to Chad E. Olinde, CPA, MBA, Administrator, Pointe Coupee General Hospital, (225) 638-5702. Please remember to vote on November 8th and make sure your voter information is up to date.