Grateful for the Sisters of St. Joseph


The Sisters of St. Joseph have been instrumental in helping to form New Roads and the surrounding area in the 20th century. They have been associated with Pointe Coupee General Hospital, St. Joseph Academy, Catholic of Pointe Coupee, and St. Mary of False River.


In 1904, Father Francis La Roche invited the Sisters of St. Joseph to New Roads to serve the community. As their passion for helping others was strengthened, the Sisters decided to accept a 26-bed clinic on a trial basis in 1950. It was named the Sisters of St. Joseph Hospital.

With financial help from the community, in 1968, construction of the Pointe Coupee General Hospital began and one year later the 60-bed building was completed. Around this time, the Sisters’ convent was also completed and they leased the hospital from Pointe Coupee Parish for an initial three year period.

While the Sisters decided to not renew their lease in 1978, evidence of the Sisters’ early involvement in the development of PCGH is visible by their living quarters and chapel, both still located on campus today.

The Sisters’ chapel has since been converted to the Sisters of St. Joseph Conference Room. Taking its place, a new chapel and meditation room is available for patients and visitors inside the hospital on the 2nd floor, between the nursing station and 2-West.


Commonly referred to as “the Chapel”, the Sisters of St. Joseph Conference Room is one of the remaining physical influences from the Sisters.


In 2015, PCGH expanded with two new buildings. In honor of their hard work and dedication to the Pointe Coupee community, the new keystone building, a medical plaza, was named the Sisters of St. Joseph Medical Plaza.

We are extremely thankful for the Sisters of St. Joseph who did so much for our community through their health care ministries at St. Joseph Hospital, 1950 — 1969, and Pointe Coupee General Hospital, 1969 — 1979.


Sr. Henry Arceneaux

Sr. Mary Benken

Sr. Mary Lee Blouin

Sr. Barbara Ann Boudreaux

Sr. Frances Therese Broussard

Sr. Mildred Dayries

Sr. Mildred Guillot

Sr. Helena Hebert

Sr. Mary Grace Kleinpeter

Sr. Mary Alice LeBlanc

Sr. Beth Liuex

Sr. Mary Agnes Lorio

Sr. M. Benedicta Mackey

Sr. Mary David Nash

Sr. Anne Therese Pellegrin

Sr. Mary Charles Tageant

Sr. Celine Arrigo

Sr. Julia Elizabeth Blake

Sr. Albina Borne

Sr. Blanche Brisolara

Sr. M. Michael Conway

Sr. Louise Bernard Fannaly

Sr. Barbara Gail Hebert

Sr. Yvonne Joubert

Sr. Marie Emma Lasserre

Sr. Anne Madeleine LeBon

Sr. Anne Marie Lorio

Sr. Joseph Marie Lusk

Sr. Ann Victoria Muscarello

Sr. Zita Needham

Sr. Anne Bernadette Simmons

Sr. Jacinta Wingerberg