A Life-Long Guide to Wellness and Prevention

The secrets of personal wellness don't have to be a burden; rather, they can be enjoyable and easy to incorporate into the unique demands of your own schedule — regardless of age.


Brought to you by Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, the Guide to Wellness and Protection booklet is intended to be used by individuals or families to discuss and make healthcare plans and learn health strategies for living. Use this tool to become more informed and active in your health care. The information in the booklet addresses health from a physical, mental, spiritual, cognitive, vocational, and financial point of view. It is divided into decades of life, and is for both males and females. The information provided is based upon current research and information provided by multiple professions.

Supporting Memory Through Life

What you do every day matters to your brain. The choices you make, levels of physical & mental activity, your social life, diet, & sleep habits can affect how well you perform in all areas of life.

Tips to Support a Healthy Brain

  • Write it down
    Put goals in writing to make them meaningful. Be sure to add what motivates you to achieve them.

  • Give yourself a time-frame
    You need enough time to work & master your goals.

  • Physical activity
    Ask yourself: How did I work exercise into my day? Did I maximize my moving potential today?

  • Cognitive stimulation
    What did I learn today? What routine task did I approach differently today? Did I challenge my mind?

  • Stress management
    What caused me the greatest stress today? What triggered my stress? How did I relax?

The complete Action Plan for Brain Health is also available.

General Wellness Tips

Spiritual health can be defined as a connection of mind, body & spirit that requires an interconnectedness to a greater power, to all living creatures, & to our surroundings. It can provide a sense of meaning & purpose in our lives.

Research has found that spiritual practices are important to overall health as they help to improve coping skills & social support. In addition, they can foster feelings of optimism & hope, promote healthy behaviors, reduce feelings of depression & anxiety, as well as support a sense of relaxation. These things positively influence immune, cardiovascular, hormonal, & nervous systems.

Mental health is defined by the World Health Organization as “a state of well‐being in which the individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, & is able to make a contribution to his or her community.”

  • Prevention of mental illness focuses on
    The avoidance of risk factors.

  • Promotion of mental health targets
    The enhancement of an individual’s ability to achieve positive self‐esteem, mastery, well‐being; the utilization of relaxation methods & mindfulness; participation in healthy social activities & developing a strong support system.

Financial Health

Did you know scientific evidence has proven that stress can lead to health problems such as weight gain & high blood pressure? A new study suggests that financial stress can be more harmful than other types of stress. In the study, financial & work stress were more likely to increase the risk for conditions that lead to metabolic syndrome, potentially leading to type 2 diabetes and/or heart disease.

Basic budgeting tips to help keep your financial stress low

  • Save more & spend less

  • Pay your credit card balance in full each month (only charge the amount you will be able to pay)

  • Limit or avoid ATM surcharges

  • Prepare for the unexpected

  • Simplify your financial life (have checks directly deposited into accounts)

  • Protect against fraud (watch for suspicious activity in bank accounts or suspicious signatures on checks and documents)

MyMoney.gov is a U.S. government website that provides basic financial education to all Americans. Visit the website for information on how to balance your checkbook, invest in your 401k, budget your money, & much more!