Media Relations


Our media relations team is always available to respond to your questions and help you with your news gathering efforts. Since dealing effectively with the media requires special knowledge and skill, our team should be consulted and/or serve as the intermediary in all dealings with the press.

Only those individuals expressly authorized by senior administration to do so may speak for Pointe Coupee General Hospital. Our team serves as liaison to senior administration in evaluating the benefits and risks of media contacts, determining the form and content of information to be provided to the media, assuring that only individuals with the authority to do so speak on behalf of PCGH, and assuring that all interaction with the media is conducted in a professional manner consistent with PCGH’s mission and institutional goals.

Contact the Media Team

All media requests for an interview, patient condition report, as well as all questions on matters of policy, procedure, or operations should be referred to our media relations line at (225) 638-5702.

If the request is not urgent, you may also email us at

Media Interviews and Escort

The media relations team at Pointe Coupee General Hospital is dedicated to responding to media requests promptly. Members of the media must have a media relations escort with them while on PCGH’s campus and should arrange an escort before arriving on campus. Escorts are required to protect the health and privacy of our patients.

Our Name’s Pronunciation and Spelling

Pointe Coupee General Hospital
/point kəˈpiˈ ˈjen(ə)rəl ˈhäˌspidl/
poynt kuh·pee jeh·nr·uhl haa·spuh·tl

Always use our full name, Pointe Coupee General Hospital, when it is first mentioned in body copy. Subsequent uses may be abbreviated as PCGH.

Press Kit

Screen images or photographs thereof cannot be used in any manner that falsely suggests an association with Pointe Coupee General Hospital. Provided below in a .zip file are our logos, photographs, and additional information.


A .zip file, “zip” being a moniker for “moving at a high speed”, is a type of archive file that supports lossless data compression. A .zip file may contain one or more files or directories that may have been compressed.