Dr. Michelle Carley is the physician collaborator of the Outpatient Wound Care Clinic. There is a multidisciplinary staff of clinicians and advanced-trained wound care specialists who will work to heal your wounds and assure the best opportunity to heal. The clinic treats all wounds, but specializes in those that are slow or difficult to heal. Internal injuries will also be treated here, including the late effects of radiation, osteomyelitis, and crush injuries.

High summer temperatures, social activities, and busy schedules may make non-healing wounds more difficult to heal.

Staying focused on preventing the spread of germs and protecting the wound’s surface will ensure that you continue on the path to healing. Avoid swimming in open bodies of water (like streams and lakes) where bacteria can enter your open wound.

Keep bandages clean. Sweat and dirt from outdoor activity can affect your wound’s healing progress.

Stay hydrated. Drink the recommended eight glasses of water each day to ensure your body’s tissues are making healthy, new cells.

What We Do

Our comprehensive approach & quality care go hand-in-hand, our services are based on evidence-based medicine, and we are outcomes-driven:

  • Perform a comprehensive exam

  • Identify the factors affecting wound healing

  • Order labs and diagnostic services

  • Custom tailor the plan of care specific to the patients needs

What We Treat

  • Acute Wounds

  • Chronic Wounds

    • Infected Wounds

    • Ischemic Wounds

    • Non-Healing Surgical

    • Pressure Ulcers

    • Arterial Ulcers

    • Venous Ulcers

    • Diabetic Ulcer

The PCGH Outpatient Wound Care Clinic is conveniently located in the hospital, in 2-West. Ask your physician for a referral to the wound center or for further information or to schedule an appointment, please call (877) 295-2273. The clinic is open every Wednesday.