From the Desk of Chad Olinde


Chad E. Olinde, CPA, Administrator


In November, Dr. James Christopher retired from his medical practice after 50 years of service to Pointe Coupee. Dr. Christopher came to Pointe Coupee in 1964 and began his Family Medicine and General Surgery Practice. Over the years, he has played a major role in the development of the healthcare environment in our parish. The hospital staff will miss seeing Dr. Christopher making rounds in our facility. We wish him a happy retirement.

I would like to welcome Dr. Tara Jarreau to our specialty clinic. Dr. Jarreau, a former resident of Pointe Coupee is a physician with Louisiana Cardiology Associates in Baton Rouge and board certified in Internal Medicine. She practices in the specialty clinic on the hospital campus and has quickly built up a strong following of cardiology patients. We are pleased to have Dr. Jarreau return to our parish to serve our population.

In closing, I would like to express my appreciation for the excellent service provided by our dietary department. Our patients, employees and guests are always provided delicious meals. At noon, it is common to see the hospital lobby full as many visitors frequent the hospital for lunch. I am proud that our dietary service is so respected in the community. Thanks again to the dietary staff for providing excellent service.