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Chad E. Olinde, CPA, Administrator


The state of Louisiana is currently undergoing a major shift in its healthcare network. The charity hospital system in Louisiana dates back many years and was expanded during the Huey Long administration in the 1920's. The hospitals have provided healthcare to the under-served for approximately a century. For the last two decades, LSU has provided the oversight for these safety net hospitals.

In the wake of declining Medicaid reimbursements, administration officials have realized that state budgets could no longer fund the charity hospitals. Over the last year, Louisiana began privatizing the services provided by these hospitals by forming partnerships with existing healthcare providers in the area. In Baton Rouge, Our Lady of the Lake has assumed training responsibilities for the LSU medical residents. The Lake is now providing care to many of the patients that had been served by the former Earl K. Long Facility. Many of the area hospitals have seen an increase in volume consistent with the closing of Earl K Long. At Pointe Coupee General we have noted an uptick in ER visits over the last three months.

With the discontinuance of so many hospital services, thousands of healthcare workers employed throughout the state will be laid off. Although many will find positions with new employers, others will be forced into early retirement. As we transition through this major change in our healthcare delivery system, we should always remain thankful that we have a strong, stable hospital in our community and so many dedicated health professionals in our area.

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