From the Desk of Chad Olinde

Chad E. Olinde, CPA, Administrator

The last week of August brought another storm to Pointe Coupee Parish. This time the winds were less than forecasted and our area was spared the widespread damage that we were subjected to during Hurricane Gustav.

With the storm approaching, hospital and home health department managers were rushing to address every issue that could arise as a result the storm. Pharmacy and supply inventories were increased. Work schedules were adjusted and many employees had to arrive much earlier than their scheduled work to insure that their commute routes would be accessible. Through the entire process, not one complaint was heard about the additional burdens created. Difficult times always remind us that we are truly blessed to have such a caring staff of healthcare workers in our parish.

I would also like to take this opportunity to commend our community leaders in their preparation of the storm. I had the opportunity to work with the Sheriff's office, Mayor's office, the Police Jury members, and other parish leaders in insuring that we were adequately prepared for this event. It is evident that our Parish has excellent leadership and we can prepare for whatever challenges Mother Nature brings us.