Mammography Department Receives Deficiency Free Survey


(Left to right) Brandi Werchan, Josh Jarreau, Alana Smith, Jacklyn Bellelo, Angelle Bueche, and Jodi Stevens


On October 19, 2012, the Pointe Coupee General Mammography Department had their annual Food and Drug Administration (FDA) inspection. This inspection entails a review of the previous twelve month's Quality Control and Quality Assurance departmental data. Brandi Guidroz-Werchan, Lead Mammographer/QC Technologist, and Alana Moore Smith, Staff Mammographer/QA Technologist, perform testing and complete paperwork on a daily basis in preparation for this annual inspection.

The areas followed include, but are not limited to, daily equipment monitoring, weekly equipment testing, patient follow-ups, patient correspondence and staff credentialing. The purpose of this inspection is to attest that the equipment is working efficiently, that the patient's cases are followed appropriately and that those performing these procedures are competent.

Since 2002, Pointe Coupee General has never been cited for any type of deficiency based on the work of Brandi and Alana. This year was again met with success and the department passed with a deficiency free survey. In addition to having this accreditation, the Pointe Coupee General Mammography Department is also American College of Radiology (ACR) accredited, which requires extensive data submission for approval every three years.

Congratulations to the Pointe Coupee General Mammography Department for all of their hard work in providing our community with the highest standard of quality care!