High-Quality, Low-Dose CT Imaging Now Available


Alana M. Smith, RT, prepares a patient using PCGH’s new Philips Ingenuity CT scanner.


CT has become an indispensable exam for a variety of conditions, which makes it even more important for patients to be aware of radiation dose over time. We now offer advanced imaging capabilities that feature high-quality, low-dose diagnostic exams with our new Philips Ingenuity CT scanner to help enhance patient care.

The goal is always to help clinicians and patients get the most out of each exam aiding diagnostic confidence. Patients will appreciate the enhanced speed of their CT scans. The Ingenuity CT scanner offers advances in CT angiography, orthopedic scanning, and neurologic scanning which includes stroke assessment. When it comes to detecting and treating disease, we believe there is no time to waste.


Tess L. Jarreau, RT (R)(M) & RDMS, Radiology Manager, and Alana M. Smith, RT (R)(M) with PCGH’s new Philips Ingenuity CT scanner.


In addition to other innovative technologies, our Ingenuity CT features iDose4, which is an iterative reconstruction technique that allows image quality to be personalized based on patients’ needs at a low dose. The Ingenuity CT scanner offers significantly improved spatial resolution at a low dose, allowing doses to be managed without sacrificing image quality to get the most out of each exam for a confident diagnosis and treatment plan.

Artifacts from metal objects in patient bodies, such as orthopedic implants, can be problematic in CT diagnosis and treatment planning. This new CT is the latest in metal artifact reduction technology for large orthopedic implants to help reduce streaking and improve image quality. This allows for improve image quality, leading to increased diagnostic confidence.

Our Ingenuity CT is designed to perform in the most critical environments, helping clinicians achieve consistent results day-in and day-out. It is ready for the most demanding scans, one right after the other. Members of our Radiology staff received extensive training on the use of this new technology both prior to and after the installation of the Ingenuity CT. For more information about this new capability, please call the our Radiology Department at (225) 638-5703.