New Queue Management System Installed at PCGH


Pointe Coupee General Hospital recently installed a Q-Flow system in the outpatient service area. This queue management system is a customer numbering system designed to improve the level of customer service in the hospital outpatient waiting areas.

How does it work?

The patient accesses the touchscreen kiosk selecting either “I have an appointment” or “No Appointment.” A paper identification number listing an alphanumeric number and the time and date is issued from the ticket dispenser. Visual displays and auditory instructions direct the patient to the registration window. Following registration the system directs the patient either to the laboratory or radiology departments.


Q-Flow Welcome Screen


How does it benefit our patients?

The system allows the hospital staff to track the volume of patients waiting to be served. It also protects the privacy of the patient through utilization of the number system. Lastly, it helps the patient obtain the services that he or she is here to receive.